Table soccer in the multifunctional room

Common areas

Bored? We don't think so! Table soccer, video games, chilling, cooking or just hanging out with people who have similar interests – the common areas are the heart of the Oberstdorf Hostel.

Schneespaß im Allgäu
Schneespaß im Allgäu
Ausblick am Nebelhorn
Ausblick am Nebelhorn
Oberstdorf Hostel

Fun on the ski slopes

What do skiing + snowboarding + lots of snow + even more sun add up to? Exactly: The ideal requirements for a perfect day of fun on the slopes. The Oberstdorf/Kleinwalsertal skiing area is only 10-35 min. away from the Oberstdorf Hostel. Here you'll find all the most important information for proper preparation:

Skiing areas

The Oberstdorf Hostel offers you the perfect starting point for action-packed days on the slopes. Within 10 to 35 minutes you'll have access to the skiing areas in Oberstdorf/Kleinwalsertal as well as the Hörnerdörfer skiing area.

Time is money!

Yes, but that's not all! Wasting too much time means less time on the slopes, enjoying unrivalled skiing fun! That's why we've assembled the most important facts about the individual skiing areas. However, you'll have to do the looking on your own ;-)

Skiing region Oberstdorf & Kleinwalsertal

Germany's largest skiing region with over 120 km of runs. We've taken a closer look at the five largest ski regions.
On all mountains, the lift operation begins at 8:30 a.m. The only exception is Söllereck, where lift operation begins at 9 a.m.

Skiing regionlevelslopes in kmlongest slopesnowparkdistancesuitable for
Fellhorn/Kanzelwandaverage36 km5,7 km220 min.everybody
Nebelhornaverage-difficult13 km7,5 kmnone15 min.Sportliche Fahrer
Ifenaverage-difficult25 km6,2 kmnone35 min.everybody
Walmendingerhornlaverage12 km4,2 kmnone25 min.freerider
Söllereckeasy-average14 km3,0 km110 min.families

Lift operating?
Easy to find out :) Just click on the overview

Don´t miss: Further skiing regions

The different skiing regions of the skiing area "Hornerdörfer" are easy reachable within 30 minutes of driving :)

Skiing regionlevelslopes in kmlongest slopesnowparkdistancesuitable for
Bolsterlangeasy-average17 km3,1 km110 min.everybody
Ofterschwangbalanced18 km4,0 kmnone20 min.everybody
Grasgehreneasy-average10,65 kmn/a120 min.everybody

Join us on the slopes!

Snow, sun and buddy ;)
Slopes: perfect!
Chilling in the sun
Urlaub in den Allgäuer Alpen
Skipass in Deutschlands größtem Skigebiet
Morgenstimmung am Nebelhorn