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shared holiday accommodation

at the Oberstdorf Hostel

Exciting common areas
Here you will find lots of room to meet up with others.
Be a part...
... of our shared holiday accommodation and, together with other travellers, experience an incredible and unforgettable time at the Oberstdorf Hostel. Do things like cooking, eating, planning trips or enjoying an evening at the hostel together to make your stay even more rewarding.

Meet your friends...

... for cooking or savouring a meal together or meet some new friends. Regardless of whether at breakfast or dinner, there is always enough room to eat together, to chat and just enjoy.

Workshop: the kitchen

Is a modern and stylish hostel kitchen that places great importance on cleanliness. Here you will find all the cooking stuff you need. Don´t forget to bring your own food;)!

Eat – Sleep – Repeat: Cook yourself or let us do the cooking for you. You can decide what you would rather do. Use our modern hostel kitchen and magically create your own food.

Meat & Eat

In the morning we offer you a delicious breakfast. Starting your day on an empty stomach? Not here! Help yourself at our savoury and abundant Hostel breakfast. Fresh rolls, coffee, muesli, fruit and lots more.

For dinner just book a fantastic and delicious two-course menu with a salad for only €11.90 (children pay €5.90).

Living room with fireplace

Unwind in our cosy living room after having enjoyed an eventful day full of activities. The best spot is in the seating area next to the kitchen or directly at the fireplace...
Relax a little while reading a book, play games with your kids or meet new buddies and cheer with a beer. It´s all up to you!

On Saturdays during the summer, enjoy a succulent BBQ on our spacious hostel terrace (€16.90). So delicious...

Falk Hostel Crew


Summer is here and now. The sun is shining, the mountain peaks beckon you, and you are staying at the Oberstdorf Hostel? Well then, the summer action throughout the Allgäu Alps can begin.

Beds from €20

In the Oberstdorf Hostel, you will find modern, trendy and inexpensive beds in the Allgäu Alps. Whether you are travelling with friends, family or on your own.

Family holiday

Can be booked for parents with children. Affordable family holiday at a fixed rate: Overnight stay with breakfast and dinner served with non-alcoholic beverages, plus a lunch package with beverage.


We offer you numerous opportunities that will help make your stay with us both pleasant and exciting. What you do is up to you.

Enjoy your time in the common areas