Safety first with helmets

Outdoor playground

Caution! Even for grown-up children ;) What you'll need: accuracy, no fear of heights, balance, and of course a thirst for fun :)

Mountainbike im Rohrmoostal
Mountainbike im Rohrmoostal
Wonderful view from the Nebelhorn
Wonderful view from the Nebelhorn
The mountain railway Söllereck
The mountain railway Söllereck
Hiking in Hindelang
Hiking in Hindelang
Rubihorn in the summer
Rubihorn in the summer
Oberstdorf Hostel


Summer, sun, sunshine. Is there anything missing to enjoy a perfect summer holiday? The mountains, of course :) At the seaside, you can only splash in the water or lie in the sun – the mountains have a lot more to offer! (Of course, we also have water to splash around in ;))

The Oberstdorf Hostel is the ideal starting point for hikers! In the diverse hiking areas surrounding Oberstdorf, there is something for everyone. Whether driven by sporting ambition, the wonderful panorama or simply by one's own children... :-)

Endurance is the key! There are over 200 km of hiking and biking trails across three different elevations! In cooperation with the neighbouring Kleinwalsertal, Oberstdorf is the largest hiking and mountain sports area along the north edge of the Alps. How on earth will you find your way around here? No worries, the easy to follow signpost and guidance systems inform you in detail about the trail, distance, duration and the level of difficulty :-)

PeakHeightWhat awaits youDistance (see below)
with mountain railway
  • 400-peaks panorama view
  • Access to Hindelanger fixed-rope route
  • Suitable for both alpine as well as strollers and pushchairs
  • approx. 15 min.
    Fellhorn & Kanzelwand
    with mountain railway
    2,038 / 2,058
  • Two-country circuit hiking trail
  • Free, geological-botanical tour (Alpine rose fields)
  • Sport fixed-rope trail & novice fixed-rope trail
  • approx. 20 min.
    with mountain railway
  • Wooded, grass-covered mountain and therefore ideal for novices and parents with children
  • Germany's highest altitude ropes course and Allgäu coaster
  • approx. 10 min.
  • Amazing view of the Oberstdorf valley basin and the entire Illertal all the way down to Kempten
  • Wonderful mountain lake: Gaisalpsee (Gais Alpine lake)
  • approx. 20 min.
    with mountain railway
  • "Mountain of the senses"
  • Spectacular scenic view and "mountain radio" in the peak restaurant
  • approx. 25 min.
    Hoher Ifen
    with mountain railway
  • One of the most well-known mountains in the Allgäu Alps
  • Unique kilometre long karst landscape
  • approx. 35 min.

    Distance: Driving time by car from the Oberstdorf Hostel to the mountain railway, if available

    Additional peaks

    • Himmelschrofen (1,759 m) – no marked or prepared climbs
    • Mädelegabel (2,644 m) – border mountain and the middle peak of the three peaks belonging to the main Allgäu ridge

    Only for experienced Alpinists

    • Höfats (2,259 m) – 4 peaks that are divided into two pairs of peaks
    • Kratzer (2,427 m) – multi-peak mountain that looks like an old mountain ruin
    • Schneck (2,268 m) – grass-covered mountain that is unique due to its shape and its abundance of flowers.
    • Großer Krottenkopf (2,656 m) – the highest mountain in the Allgäu Alps
    • Trettachspitze (2,595 m) – the highest mountain in the Allgäu Alps that is entirely located on German soil; due to its striking appearance, it is one of the most famous mountains in the region