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Nobody likes an unpleasant surprise, that’s why you can take a much closer look at the Oberstdorf Hostel here.

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Rooms in the Oberstdorf Hostel

Regardless if you are a backpacker, flash packer (a more luxurious form of backpacking), a spontaneous traveller, or someone who enjoys being on the go with family or friends, in the Oberstdorf Hostel you book a room or a bed.

In the Oberstdorf Hostel, YOU have the choice

  • Book a room with friends or the family


  • Book a bed in a room that you share with other travellers.

The hostel rooms

The Oberstdorf Hostel has over 46 rooms containing 168 beds.
Almost all of the rooms are equipped with a shower/WC; some rooms have a balcony. Every bed has an accompanying closet that can be locked as well as a small shelf space in the bath.

  • Double room
  • Triple room
  • Quadruple room
  • Six-bed room
  • Five-person camp with common bath and WC
  • Single room with common bath and WC

Your room in the Oberstdorf Hostel

You'd like to have your own room with friends, buddies or your family?
Then book a trendy double or multi-bed room. When you do so, you'll be able to select the required room size.

Your bed in the Oberstdorf Hostel

You can also book a bed for yourself – just the way hostel life should be. Then you'll share a room with other travellers. Whether you sleep in a double- or multi-bed room with or without your own shower will be arranged once you've arrived at the hostel.

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