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Nobody likes an unpleasant surprise, that’s why you can take a much closer look at the Oberstdorf Hostel here.

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Rooms in the Oberstdorf Hostel

Regardless if you are a backpacker, flash packer (a more luxurious form of backpacking), a spontaneous traveller, or someone who enjoys being on the go with family or friends, in the Oberstdorf Hostel you book a room or a bed.

In the Oberstdorf Hostel, YOU have the choice

  • Book a room with friends or the family


  • Book a bed in a room that you share with other travellers.

The hostel rooms

The Oberstdorf Hostel has over 46 rooms containing 168 beds.
Almost all of the rooms are equipped with a shower/WC; some rooms have a balcony. Every bed has an accompanying closet that can be locked as well as a small shelf space in the bath.

  • Double room
  • Triple room
  • Quadruple room
  • Six-bed room
  • Five-person camp with common bath and WC
  • Single room with common bath and WC

Your room in the Oberstdorf Hostel

You'd like to have your own room with friends, buddies or your family?
Then book a trendy double or multi-bed room. When you do so, you'll be able to select the required room size.

Your bed in the Oberstdorf Hostel

You can also book a bed for yourself – just the way hostel life should be. Then you'll share a room with other travellers. Whether you sleep in a double- or multi-bed room with or without your own shower will be arranged once you've arrived at the hostel.

Triple room
The perfect location for your holidays
Double room in the Oberstdorf Hostel
spacious triple room
Bathroom in the Oberstdorf Hostel
The Hostel community
Your holidays with friends, family or alone
Roomy wardrobe
Shower in the Hostel bathroom
Bathroom with shelves
Comfortable triple room
Quadruple room for you and your friends :)
One wardrobe for each bed
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