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An Oberstdorf Hostel is not just any place to stay! Here you'll meet people with the same interests. You'll stay in modern and nicely designed rooms. Book your room or your bed today!

Hinsetzetn, Chillen, Abschalten
Hinsetzetn, Chillen, Abschalten
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Nobody likes an unpleasant surprise, that’s why you can take a much closer look at the Oberstdorf Hostel here.

cook and eat

Much space for you and your friends
Hostel dining room
Enjoy your meals in the Hostel dining room
Dining room
What about a cup of coffee?
Start the day with a coffee ;)
The kitchen
The Hostel kitchen is fully equiped
Cook your favourite dishes in the Hostel kitchen
Fully equiped kitchen
Teamwork in der Küche
Schneiden oder probieren?
Ob das wohl schmeckt?

sleep and rest

Every room has wardrobes

Play and relax

Table soccer in the multifunctional room
Oberstdorf Hostel cinema
Table soccer
Watch movies, play table soccer or PlayStation
The PlayStation
Living room with cozy fireplace
Relax and listen to the fire
Oberstdorf Hostel living room
Viel Platz für Deine Clique
Prost, auf einen tollen Urlaub!
Mama, wir gewinnen!
Wer wird gewinnen?

Outdoor Playground

Looks a little shaky ;)
Tree climbing in the Oberstdorf Hostel
Safety first with helmets
Safety first
Viking bowling
Cross Boccia

The Team

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