Table soccer in the multifunctional room

Common areas

Bored? We don't think so! Table soccer, video games, chilling, cooking or just hanging out with people who have similar interests – the common areas are the heart of the Oberstdorf Hostel.

Safety first with helmets
Safety first with helmets
Safety first
Safety first
Who's gonna win?
Who's gonna win?
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Outdoor playground

Caution! Even for grown-up children ;) What you'll need: accuracy, no fear of heights, balance, and of course a thirst for fun :)

1. Outdoor BBQ Station

What would summer be like without grilling? We'll build a fire pit for you so that you and your friends can grill to your heart's content. (But only if you invite us to your BBQ party, too ;))

2. Slacklining

When the sun is shining, it seems like the slackline is strung anywhere there are two trees or something similar. Do you also always say to yourself: "I'd love to try that, too..:"? Here, you can try it without anyone watching you. :)

3. Crossboccia & Viking bowling

This isn't an old man's sport; it's totally hip! Here you can play this game free of charge.

4. Soccer, basketball and more

It won't be boring: badminton, football, basketball or volleyball – 200 m² to showcase your skills. Or would you rather grab a table tennis paddle? You don't have to bring anything from home – we have nets, goals and plenty of game balls.

5. Climbing trees

Yes, you heard right! That's a real activity. On two trees, we've installed tree-climbing tours. You'll get to heights of 6-10 meters. Are you up for the challenge?

6. Disc golf

The idea: trying to throw a Frisbee into a large basket. Try it!